How to flirt on a dating site

Flirting is a game whose goal is to captivate a man, to entangle in the nets of love, to play a fool, to drive one crazy. This is at the most favorable outcome. Most often, with the help of flirting, we try to interest a man we like. Well, if it doesn’t work, then at least you can have fun.

How to choose a decent man on a dating site

A dating site is a very convenient platform for training in flirting. Of course, there are a lot of flirting techniques, and only the most talented heartbreakers can know all of them. Well, for single women seeking men, it is important to understand at least some basic rules.

Change your pose. Often men who seek their love on dating sites complain about the closeness, coldness, and harshness of women. We ourselves do not notice how we adopt a pose of incredulity, wary, closed. We think: “What does he want? Well, now, now, I’ll see what kind of fruit you are.” Believe us, this is noticeable not only during physical acquaintance, but also in correspondence.

Do not turn flirting into an interview. Why all these questions: “Who do you want to meet on the site?”, “How do you see our future relationship?” Most people on a dating site want to fall in love and meet their love. Even womanizer, just womanizer more difficult to fall in love. The ratio from which you are interviewing kills spontaneity, and without this energy it is impossible to spark interest in another and strengthen it.

Learn to pause. It is important to understand that a man falls in love not at the moment when you smile at him and say something, but at the time when you disappear from sight. But before that you need to hook it. Write something intriguing, hot, and shut up. As long as he thinks what you mean, he will be more interested in you. But the main thing is not to go too far and not seem “mysterious for the whole head.” Be simple, clear, open and warm. But at the same time laconic and able to shut up in time.

Show feelings. It is impossible to spark love in another unless you burn yourself. Do not be afraid to show your interest, sympathy, tell a man about what feelings and emotions he wakes up in you. How you feel dizzy from his words, how butterflies fly, immodest fantasies appear. Flirting is when it’s hot.

Lose with dignity. Failure, rejection makes it difficult to surrender to flirt and play with excitement and pleasure. The desire to win at any cost does not add spontaneity either. You should not have a clear goal, be sure to enroll an interesting man and marry him. Therefore, you should flirt with different men. Get ready for the fact that with most of the men that you liked and with whom you are trying to flirt, you will not succeed, and you will lose. With fear of failure, practice is needed. No need to immediately hang on the man the role of the future husband. Set a goal: I am learning to meet and flirt. Survive a couple of failures (the facts that you did not like the one you liked), go through this, understand that it is not fatal, you can not interest everyone. And try on. Your task so far is not to get married, but to interest, support this interest. With several, not one.

Flirting is a game. But you cannot think about winning here, otherwise you will be afraid to lose, constantly calculate everything and lose your excitement, spontaneity, charge, energy. In love, you can win only once. And this will not happen tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, and not in a month, and perhaps not even in a year. And all this time you will lose: make mistakes, get on the nose, experience pain, disappointment, shame, rejection. But without all this, in our opinion, there can be no love. You cannot ignite anyone if you cannot let in, contain, accept pain, disappointment, fear, all these feelings. Modern dating sites can greatly help in finding a soul mate not only for women. There are many interesting categories here, such as BBW Meetville. So you can safely start using such sites.

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