Lab Report: Tithing In the Interest of Awesome

Proposed: a geek is someone who actively works to forward the interests of awesome wherever it lies. And tries to fill the awesome gap as increasing quantities of that mysterious substance escapes the universe.

Free Culture 2008: After The Party

Been thinking and rethinking this post for about a week now, waiting and watching how the emerging front has been developing as the SFC reps have gone home. I blogged previously on the USBFB about the worries about the upcoming...

Boston Tech, Meet The Information Superhighway

So if you find yourself in Boston this Friday, The United States Bureau of Fabulous Bitches is throwing Information Superhighway One, the first what will become an ongoing series of Boston general geekery parties. Thanks to the generosity of...

The Next Two Weeks: Bon Voyage!

To Employees and General Management, The United States Bureau of Fabulous Bitches, recently flush with a new round of Department of State funding to launch several new initiatives to protect American interests in foriegn lands, will be sporadically...

Way Cooler Than You Were At That Age

Thanks to the amazing Amy Klein, was recently forwarded this amazing blog. The author (a 12 year old girl) is the hippest thing on the Internet. Description from the blog:

Instant(er) Nostalgia

So, finally got around to seeing Oliver Stone’s George Bush biopic W. while I was in San Francisco a week or so ago with Altay, Allie and Chris.