Repair of electrical wiring in the house

As a rule, repair of electrical wiring begins when there are problems with the power supply. Sooner or later, there are situations where a socket or lighting in the house or apartment stops working or disappears. In this case, anyone starts repairing electrical wiring himself or hires specialists. The causes of faulty electrical wiring may be different. The most common ones are:

  • short-circuits, usually caused by faulty insulation between wires. The most common causes of a short circuit are places where the wires are bent – the input of the socket connection, in luminaire cartridges, twisted wires of electrical appliances – iron, hair dryer, desk lamp. Also the cause of the short circuit may be the connection to one socket of a large number of electrical appliances through tees, as a result – the contacts are very hot, and this leads to the melting of the insulation of wires.
  • poor contact where the wires are connected. This type of fault occurs when the contact between the wires connected is broken.
  • mechanical damage to the wires. This often happens when the owners start drilling or nailing the wall where the hidden wiring is located.

Where does the repair of the electrical wiring begin?

Since the power supply of the house or apartment comes from the introductory electric board, the repair of electrical wiring begins with it. First of all, it is necessary to check the position of the safety devices switched on. It is possible that the lack of voltage in the house may be caused by disconnected circuit breakers or fuse burnout. If during the inspection of the switchboard the safety devices are in the disconnected position, it is necessary to assume a short circuit in the electrical wiring elements.

Overcurrent may also be the reason for tripping the circuit-breakers. This occurs when the dispenser is overloaded when powerful equipment is switched on at the same time. For this purpose, it is necessary to disconnect some of the electrical appliances and after some time to switch the dispenser back on. If it turns out that there is no voltage in the house or apartment, and the protective devices in the input board are in the on position, try several times to do the operation “on-off” circuit breakers. It is possible that the cause of the fault may be the lack of contact inside the circuit-breaker itself.

Finding electrical wiring faults

So, if the actions described above do not bring any result, you should start troubleshooting and direct repair of electrical wiring. The fault finding consists in dividing the entire wiring into individual sections. To know how the wiring is divided into sections, it is advisable to have the wiring diagram at hand.

Any work related to electricity, require a serious, competent approach, so the wiring diagram in the apartment, should be well thought out and qualitatively executed . It is with the electricians, begins the repair in a new apartment or house. With it, you should start any major repair of housing. The main stages of repair, look as follows. First, all the walls are wired, then they grow into a primer, paint mesh, plaster, putty and wallpaper.

If you doubt that you can carry out the repair yourself, you can use home electrical repair services. This will give you the opportunity to more responsibly approach to repair and quickly resolve problems. Repair of electrical wiring is a fairly responsible task and you always better use the services of qualified professionals who will help you do everything quickly and efficiently. In this case, you can count on professional help in troubleshooting problems with electrical wiring.

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