The best coast of Spain if you want to buy a house

Since Spain is a country with access to the sea, most are trying to buy property on the coasts. In recent years, the demand for elite Spanish real estate has increased significantly and in the role of major investors in foreign citizens, in particular: residents of France, Norway, Italy, Britain and Germany. One of the most popular regions for foreign citizens to purchase real estate is Catalonia. The very climate of the autonomous region, its proximity to the sea, the development of economic and social component, the abundance of tourist destinations and rich cultural heritage is attractive. In Catalonia everyone can find real estate that meets all the needs: suitable in terms of price category, location (remoteness from the sea, mountains, historically important places), the availability of educational institutions, infrastructure and tourist attractions.

Catalonia is home to a large number of different diasporas, making it easier for non-Spanish speakers to live in the country. Families will be attracted by the abundance of different educational institutions, municipal and private. Among the schools in Catalonia there are world-known institutions; private lyceums that teach in English or other languages; Sunday schools (including language and literature). 

The best coasts in Spain

The Costa Blanca is an area with three hundred sunny days a year.  The region belongs to the Autonomous Community of Valencia and is one of the most popular tourist coasts in the country. The Costa Blanca attracts visitors and those wishing to buy a villa in Spain with its rich mountain and sea landscapes, ancient monuments and the possibility of quiet measured life.

Villa in Costa Blanca is a profitable investment. Property here is of high quality, although it is considered more of a resort option than a place for permanent residence. Due to the latter, the cost of homes on the coast is much lower than in other coastal regions.  The average annual temperature in the region is about 20 C, the region has convenient transport interchanges, low crime rate and developed infrastructure. Buying a villa on the Costa Blanca gives the opportunity for an annual multi visa, with the possibility of staying in the country up to 180 days (the number of entries into the country is not limited). In the future, property owners can apply for a residence permit.

Costa Brava – coastal region of Catalonia, one of the most picturesque places on the coast. Here the rocky mountain area is connected to the sea, forming bays and cozy beaches. The coastline has a mild climate and frequent rainfall, making the Costa Brava literally drowning in greenery.  In winter, it often snows.  The average annual temperature is around +20 degrees Celsius. The Costa Brava coastline is a real paradise for lovers of outdoor activities. There are opportunities for tourism, golf, water skiing, sailing, fishing. In addition, the area is rich in parks, caves and heritage of past centuries, for example, in Tossa de Mar there is a fortress city, which is located on a steep rocky shore.

Almost all wealthy people can afford to buy a villa in Spain on the Costa Brava. All houses here are of excellent quality and are suitable for year-round living. Buying a villa on the Costa Brava can be an opportunity to get a “golden visa” and Schengen multi visa. That is, investing in real estate for an amount exceeding 500 thousand euros, a foreign citizen is entitled to a residence permit for one year, and its further extension. Mallorca is another excellent option for acquiring real estate. With the property search mallorca you will have the opportunity to find great properties that can accurately bring you great results.

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