The Next Two Weeks: Bon Voyage!

To Employees and General Management,

The United States Bureau of Fabulous Bitches, recently flush with a new round of Department of State funding to launch several new initiatives to protect American interests in foriegn lands, will be sporadically in touch over the next two weeks (November 17-28) as we attend a very clandestine, high-level summit in Taiwan to assess our fabulous bitches security needs in the Pacific Rim.

Contracting with operations specialists at Kimball Simms and Barlowe, however, we will continue to offer our services, though expect delays in delivery and changes in service. While the Berkman Coffee Supply Project and The Land Before Time Project will be on (further) hiatus during this period, projects in foriegn lands to include:

  • Tim Hwang Continuously Listens To “Sussudio” In Locales Around Taiwan
  • Emerging Details on this Crazy Webcomic Show We’ve Been Putting Together
  • Decomissioned Missile Silos: Threat or Menace?

I thank you all for your continuing support.


Tim R. Hwang (Commissioner, Special Reports Division)

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